The OCVP is a nonpartisan and independent non-governmental organisation working to improve the socio-economic conditions of Somali people through peace building, promoting community safety and sustainable development.

It provides reliable data on peace-building and governance in all regions of Somalia and Somaliland for shaping policy, developing responses and monitoring progress, at time when the country is emerging from the prolonged conflict and the transitional institutions need to be nurtured with information to respond to persistent local social issues.

The OCVP’s approach to its programmes includes research, knowledge management, and training, drawing on the data collected at all levels and disseminating findings to various stakeholders at district, regional and national levels to inform policy-making and programming.

Since its establishment in 2009, the OCVP has enjoyed a unique vantage point as an institution situated at the intersection between academics, community practitioners and policy makers involved in peace building, conflict resolution, and sustainable development.

It has cultivated direct links with local communities and a growing number of Somali academic institutions while at the same time developed networks and partnerships with international academic research institutions involved in conflict resolution, peace building, and sustainable development. These give the institution the ability to identify priority areas of concern, develop highly contextualised intervention approaches and roll out concisely targeted advocacy campaigns.

The OCVP also offers capacity building and tailored-training on issues of conflict resolution, mediation, humanitarian issues, as well as other issues concerning conflict transformation and sustainable development.