Employmet Status

  • HQRS  is  designed  for mid career  researchers  from  and  living  in  the  Somali regions  who  are  eager  to  enhance  their  research  skills  and  competencies  and become the country’s next generation of researchers and research leaders.
  • Among   the   targeted   24   graduates   only   18   responded   to   the   tracer   study questions.
  • Only  one  third  of  graduates  had  changed  employers  and  67%  percent  felt  they were  able  to  apply  quite easily  the  knowledge and  skills  gained  from  the  HQRS programme to their current roles. This is notion is further strengthened by over 80%  of  students  stating  they  had  learnt  a  substantial  amount  of  information from the course.

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