High-quality Research Training Support (HQRS) Programme

Research Reports from the Internship Phase (1 February- 30 April 2017)

As an intermediary phase between the Training Phase and Mentorship Phase, the Internship Phase is designed for the programme participants to apply the lessons they learned about research in the Training Phase in team setting as preparation for carrying out their individual independent research projects in the Mentorship Phase.
During the three months internship, interns were divided into three groups with each group assigned to investigate one of the three research topics submitted by the Garowe District Municipality, Somaliland Ministry of Youth and Sports and the University of Hargeisa. Closely supervised and guided by senior researchers from OCVP and TS, interns have undertaken field researches activities that included, research design, data collection, data analysis and reporting as well as research findings validation and dissemination workshops.
During this phase, each group of interns was able to successfully produce and publish a group research reports that are available for public consumption. The full team research reports can be accessed by clicking the following links:
Youth Migration in Garowe: Causes and Effects by Group A
Youth Unemployment in Hargeisa: Causes and Consequences by Group B
The Need of Healthcare Services by the Communities in Sheikh Muse Dualeh District, Hargeisa Somaliland by Group C