Post Title: Human Resources Consultant
Contract Type: Individual Consultancy ( Short-time)
Duration: 10-17 September 2015
Duty Station: Work-At-Home (On-line)
Supervisor: Safia Ahmed, HR & Logistic Officer at the OCVP

1. Background and Context
The Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP) is a non-partisan independent non-governmental organization working to improve the socio-economic conditions of Somali people through the promotion of community security, peacebuilding and sustainable development. Established in 2009, the OCVP visions a peaceful, secure and prosperous Somali-speaking community in the Horn of Africa. In achieving this, the OCVP provides reliable data on peacebuilding and governance in all regions of Somalia/Somaliland for shaping policy, developing responses and monitoring progress, at a time when the country is emerging from the prolonged conflict and traditional institutions need to be nurtured with information that can help respond to persistent local social issues.

OCVP carefully approaches its different programmes from research, training and advocacy perspectives, drawing on the data collected at district levels and disseminating findings to various stakeholders at district, regional and national levels to inform policy and programming. OCVP is situated at the crossroads between academia, community practice and policy-making. It is linked to the growing number of Somali academic institutions as well as to international networks of academic research institutions involved in conflict resolution, peace building, humanitarian issues and sustainable development. Its activities include: conflict resolution and management, early warning and response network, post-conflict development, post-conflict governance and evidence-based programming, environment and sustainable development, and humanitarian relief issues.

The OCVP is governed by a Board of Directors drawn from local Academic institutions, Civil Society, and International Non-governmental Organizations working on issues of peacebuilding and statebuilding in Somalia/Somaliland and it has offices in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia.

2. Overall purpose of the assignment
To provide a comprehensive HR management advisory and consultancy service to the HR/Logistic Officer of the OCVP. HR consultant advises on operational human resources related issues, including criteria for full-time staff salary scaling, timesheet applications, contracting, performance management processes, and supervision and employee grievances.

3. Specific focus areas

- Review the OCVP HR Policy Manual and identify gaps and provide guidance on its improvement.
- In partnership with the OCVP HR/Logistic Officer, guide the improvement and implementation of staff performance management systems
- Review and improve the timesheet and advice how best to implement in the OCVP context
- Provide guidance and assist in developing criteria for salary scale for full-time employees.
- Provide guidance in dispute resolution and grievance procedures
- Provide guidance and assist in issues related to full-time employee contracting in manner that is corresponding to the timesheet and avoids double-contracting.
- Advice on the best practice of staff line management system

4. Period of employment
This is a home based (on-line) and short-time consultancy. The consultant is not required to travel to the OCVP offices, but must guarantee his/her availability for 8 consecutive days:

- 2 days to review the HR policy
- 4 days to implement the above mentioned areas
- 2 days to mentor the HR/Logistic Officer for the implementation of the HR policy

5. Required experience and knowledge

Advanced degree in human resources management or other relevant social sciences with a focus on organizational and human capital management

- Extensive work experience in Human Resource Management for local and international non-governmental organizations
- Demonstrated track record in performance and talent management
- Strong communication, interpersonal skills and sensitivity to different cultural context and situations
- Excellent knowledge of English language ( both speaking and written)

6. How to apply

Qualified and interested candidates in the position are invited to send their applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line ‘’Human Resources Consultant”, latest by 30th of August 2015. All applications MUST include:

- Expected daily rate in USD
- CV
- Cover letter

Please note that applications missing ANY of the requested documents will not be regarded as INCOMPLETE, and will be AUTOMATICALLY excluded from the selection process.