This two-year High-quality Research Training Programme is the first research training programme of its kind in Somalia/Somaliland. The initiative is co-implemented by the Observatory of Conflict and Violence Prevention (OCVP) and the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom as well as Transparency Solutions, and funded by the Somalia Stability Fund in partnership with DFID East Africa Research Hub. The Research Programme is conceived as a Traineeship and is designed for mid-career Somali/Somaliland researchers who are eager to enhance their research skills and competencies, and become the country’s next generation of researchers and research leaders. It equips participants with the highest theoretical and practical research knowledge and skills necessary to undertake high-quality social research activities, both independently and in collaboration with local organisations.
The Programme is rooted in the understanding of the fundamental role high-quality research plays in enabling communities and wider society to critically analyse their social problems, attain a deeper understanding of social realities, and hopefully achieve positive social transformation.  Aware of the potential challenges local institutions and organisations (governmental and non-governmental) may currently face, the implementing partners have developed this Programme to strengthen organization’s institutional capacity to effectively conduct design, implement and report on different social issues.
The project will train sixty Somalia/Somaliland mid-career social science researchers over the next two years, from government, academia and civil society organizations. In addition, few seats will be allocated for unemployed candidates who have considerable relevant experience and commitment to working to working for the kinds of organization listed above upon completion of the programme.

Programme Objectives

The goal of this Programme is to contribute to an improvement of the research performance of local institutions in Somalia/Somaliland in their efforts to conduct high-quality and credible social research. The Programme is based on the expectation that the participants, on their return to their institutions, will energetically and creatively use the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the training programme to build the research capacity of beneficiary institutions.
In order to achieve this goal, the Programme aims to accomplish the following objectives at the level of individual participants:

1.  Train 30 mid-career researchers each year for two years and give them the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully conduct high-quality research;
2. Develop and enhance the level of practical knowledge, skills and tools employed in the conduct of social research activities;
3. Develop and enhance the capabilities and competence of local researchers to analyse local social issues and be able to generate fact-based policy options for local and international stakeholders;
4.  Increase the number of qualified local researchers who can be recruited by local and international agencies and organizations working in the country.