Garowe District Conflict and Security Assessment Report - 2015

Garowe District Conflict and Security Assessment Report - 2015Northeast Somalia, including Garowe, has gone through several changes, from being ruled by a Majerteen king named Osman Mohamoud in the early 19th century to the region being part of Italian Somaliland, during the colonial period. After intependence was achieved, the city of Garowe became a part of the Barri region. Further changes lay ahead as Garowe later became the regional capital of Nugaal region of Somalia - named after the Nugaal valley  which is straddled by Garowe Town.  Once the Somali civil war broke out in 1991, the political elite, traditional elders (Issims), the general public and other key players, began the process of establishing a constitutional framework, and by 1998, declared the Puntland State of Somalia. The declaration of an autonomous administration within the Republic of Somalia came about in order to establish administrative capabilities for the purpose of delivering basic services to its citizens.

Created Date Monday, 06 April 2015