Jowhar District Conflict and Security Assessment Report - 2015

Jowhar District Conflict and Security Assessment Report - 2015Jowhar is the capital town of the Middle Shabeelle region of Somalia; it is located in the central region and borders Galgadud to the north, Hiran to the west, and Lower Shabeelle and Banadir regions to the south and the Indian Ocean to the east.
Jowhar along with Baidoa were used to form the joint administrative capital of the Transitional Federal Government, during late President Abdullahi Yusuf’s time in office. During the regime of Siyad Barre, the district prospered to become one of the most resourceful in Somalia, with more than five large industries; including Jowhar Sugar manufactory, and SNAI PIAZA which was Somali Italian cooperation manufactory. Moreover, the region was blessed with farmlands and the Shabeelle River and in the middle of the 1980s attracted many labourers and displaced Somalis from other regions affected by drought. The influx of new residents to the area, who came to find work and utilise the areas’ resources, led to local residents boasting- ‘either Jowhar or Jeddah’, alluding to the availability of jobs and opportunities in these two cities - Jowhar and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Created Date Monday, 06 April 2015