Galkayo District Conflict and Security Assessment Report - 2015

altGalkayo is the capital of the Central Mudug region of Somalia.  Subsequent to the collapse of the Siad Barre regime in 1991, Galkayo has suffered through years of civil war as rival clans sought to establish power and gain administrative control.  The district is now divided into two political zones – the Northern zone, which is governed by the Puntland State of Somalia and the Southern Zone, which is governed by the Galmudug administration.  In 2011, the Puntland and Galmudug administrations signed an agreement in which they pledged to cooperate on security, economic, and social issues.  However, between this time and 2012, the level of clan fighting and violence increased due to an influx of undesirable elements such as Al-Shabaab militants and pirates fleeing military advance in the South.  This led to an increase in assassinations and bombings as well as several aid workers being kidnapped.  Administratively, the town is run by a local council, which was re-established via presidential decree in 2014 after being suspended in 2013 due to political instability and violence.  Key findings from the last DCSA which was conducted in Berbera are summarised below.

Created Date Monday, 11 May 2015