Kismayo District Conflict and Security Assessment Report - 2015

altKismayo is the commercial hub of the autonomous Jubaland State of Somalia (Jubaland), which is a part of the Federal Republic of Somalia (Somalia).  It is the third largest city in Somalia and is centrally located between the Kenyan border and Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.  The district of Kismayo benefits from a beautiful coastline and is currently the location of the main port in South Somalia. There have been frequent battles for administrative control of the Juba regions of Jubaland, which encompass Kismayo, since the fall of the central government in 1991 during the Somali Civil War.  Several factors have contributed to this, including the area’s fertile soil, rich grazing ground, and marine resources, as well as the importance of the seaport as a source of revenue for local authorities. The region is also one of the most diverse in Somalia, with a population comprised of more than thirty sub-clans constantly struggling for resources along clan lines.  The ensuing presents a summary of the findings from the first DCSA conducted in Kismayo.

Created Date Monday, 11 May 2015